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Hello, my name is Elena. 
I would like to introduce myself and offer my guest an opportunity to make their stay even more enjoyable and relaxing by combining it with massage.
I am a professionally qualified beautician with 25 years' experience in the beaty and wellness.
Last year I got the certificate of professional competence as operator holistic because for many years I attended courses and had many experiences and trips to the East in the field of personal growth.

Choose the  massage that is right for you

PHISIO MASSAGE: releases vital energy,allays tension,creates a sense of wellbeing,remodels your figure,tones muscles and reduces cellulite.
Lasts 1 hour

LOMI LOMI: this is an ancient Hawaian ritual in which the practitioner works on the mana (the life force of the body), the mind and soul of the individual. Its aim is to bring all parts of yourself into alignment,allowing your physical and energy sistem to emerge,transform and become revitalised. A special feature of this massage is that varius part of the body can be massaged at the same time,allowing the mind to become completely detached,since it is very hard for the brain to concentrate on two areas at once.This helps to lead to a profound state of relaxation,a sense of harmony and equilibrium.In Lomi Lomi , the priority is to help you love your own body and discover yourself as a living being to whom peace and wellbeing is restored.
Lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: encourages the lymph to flow more freely,reduces swelling, helps detoxify microcirculation and exert a relaxing and regenerative effect.
Lasts 1 hour

Live well, Elena!

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